Dharma at Big Sur – Festival Time!

April 16, 2010

Q: We’re getting closer to the festival now, and I am seeking some more information regarding the presentation of Adam’s Dharma at Big Sur concert. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on the specifics of the sampler programming for the Kurzweil keyboards so that I can determine if my only available solution, currently, will be adequate for this concert.

I have tracked down two keyboards here (Kurzweil K2661). The specification calls for K2500 or latest with a backwards check on compatibility. The keyboard size however is smaller than 88 note, but these keyboards do have the full 128MB installed and should have no trouble with older programs.

My questions are –> who has the programs/files/harddrive, how do we get them, and will these keyboards be adequate for this concert??

A: Thanks for the message. Please visit this link for tech details. Note, the violinist (name deleted here) normally brings an in-ear monitoring system with them – they also might require a wedge monitor. Please contact them directly for details.

Two K2661’s are great. You will be fine with the 61-note keyboard range – for both sampler 1 + 2.

Boosey will supply the Kurzweil software along with the parts. If for some reason you need to download the banks please contact Boosey to obtain the server link.

Kurzweil samplers will read from PC formatted storage devices. So, in the case of the K2661 you have two choices – you can connect an external ZIP drive to the back of the sampler and load from a PC formatted ZIP cartridge – the one you just copied the two Kurzweil banks to. Or, you can load via SmartMedia Cards (again PC formatted, which is usually their default format from the factory). You can read the K2661 manual online as per formatting the SmartMedia Card, or any other technical questions regarding their sampler:


From the Boosey server, download and copy these two banks onto a storage device media (ZIP or SmartMedia) from your local computer, connect ZIP drive {set rear switches to SCSI ID 5 and termination on} (or insert SMedia Card). Press DISK button on the K2661, then set “Current Disk” to either “SMedia” or SCSI ID 5 (ZIP drive). Then press soft button under “Load”. Select the 200…299 range. Hit “OK” a couple times and “Overwrite”. Banks will load and you are off… When done loading, the first Dharma patches will show up on K2661 Program 200.

Please note, everytime you power off the K2661 it will loose it’s samples in memory. You must load everytime!

If the floppy or ZIP software, sent by Boosey along with the parts, is damaged in transit you can download via Boosey’s server.

Once on Boosey’s download server, you will notice a full K2500 bank folder as well as floppy folders. For the floppies, you can copy their contents onto PC formatted floppy discs, from any PC with an internal floppy drive, or USB floppy drive. Mac and/or PC’s are universal here, just make sure to use DOS formatted media. Please make sure not to change the file names. As discussed above, as an alternative to floppy, you can copy the “full” bank onto a ZIP cartridge, or sim, larger PC formatted media.

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