Start a Chamber Symphony Dialogue

April 16, 2010

Please comment on your Chamber Symphony experiences


One Response to “Start a Chamber Symphony Dialogue”

  1. Brian Says:

    Some disks provided by the publisher may be out of date, resulting in “missing notes”

    If you have a ZIP SCSI and ZIP usb drive, a new kurzweil file can be sent to you from Mark. To edit the files yourself follow these instructions, but note that changes will not be saved, unless you save a new version to floppy or ZIP disc.

    Patch 5 missing C#5, D#5, E5, G#5
    Patch 15 B7, C7

    So load up the 2600 per usual- disk-> load from floppy, chamber symph, scroll to bottom, everything, overwrite, yes, yes, exit and eject the last floppy manually.

    Now, use the the number pad to go to 200 or whatever the patch is that has missing notes (205/215)

    Be sure the screen says “Channel:1” in the upper right corner, if not, use the chan/bank arrows to the left of the screen to get back to 1.

    to the left of the soft keys under the screen is another button with “edit” in green above it, push that once.

    hit the ‘keymap’ soft key.

    hit the edit button to edit the keymap

    as you scroll the wheel, you’ll see a key range (such as C#5-G#5) and the recorded sample that is sounded when those keys are hit (253*NewSample-C#5). So if I recall, the missing notes are one step or half step from a note that does sound, so all you need to do is find the range right next to the missing note (say in this case it’s C5), so you would wheel to the range that says C#5-G#5, then hit the right arrow among the navigation arrows between the screen and wheel. Now you see the Lo: parameter is highlighted, simply click that down to include the missing note and you should be golden (or click up the top of the range below the missing note if that’s more appropriate).

    Hit the exit button and it will ask if you want to save your changes, say yes.

    Now, this won’t be saved the next time you load up, so hopefully you have an extra set of floppies to write a new file to? I’m sure the publisher disks are write protected, and I wouldn’t advise you to mess with them anyway.

    If not saved, you’ll have to do this edit each time on powerup.

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