Tuning Module — for harp and piano — Mac Application (OSX) ONLY!!!!

IMPORTANT – This software will only run on Apple OSX equipped devices (such as laptops and desktops) and WILL NOT RUN on iOS or Android devices, or full versions of Microsoft Windows.

Please download the archive file “ADAMS-Absolute-Jest-Tuner.hqx” at:

login as public, no password:

follow path:
public > samples > JohnAdams-Software > Absolute-Jest-Tuner

Next, download and install the Cycling74 Max Runtime OSX application –

Next, launch our tuning application by double-clicking on the “ADAMS-Absolute-Jest-Tuner” icon – to be used for Absolute Jest alternate harp and piano tunings only.

Tuning Table @ Base 440Hz:

C: 264.40
C#: 276.80
D: 295.20
D#: 316.00
E: 330.50
F: 352.70
F#: 368.30
G: 394.70
G#: 412.80
A: 441.90
A#: 472.80
B: 494.70
C: 528.80

The file you download from Boosey should automatically uncompress with StuffIt Expander. If not, follow the following link to download the StuffIt application, then you must install it on your Mac.

Once uncompressed, a folder will be created “ADAMS-Absolute-Jest-Tuner”. Inside that folder will be the application. Simply double click on it, and it will launch.

Press the spacebar, and you should begin to hear a plucked harp sample, with a sustained drone waveform. Once you hear it, you can simply press any note on the graphic keyboard register above. Please note, the app defaults to the Absolute Jest alternate tuning. If you would like equal temperament pull down “select temperament” – and select equal temperament.

This app includes base frequencies from 400Hz through 445Hz. Please select appropriate base frequency in relation to the orchestra’s base tuning.

Just below the temperament and base freq area you will notice a readout of the alternate tuning freq – it’s simply a readout although you can grab any of the numbers on the alternate tuning freq box side and drag them up or down to hear frequency change. Also, you will notice MIDI Note Number and Pitch readouts.

You can modify the drone waveform timbre by simply clicking on the little preset boxes, or grab a frequency band and drag up or down. Visual waveform readout is below.

On the right of the application you will notice a mix selection between drone/sine mix and plucked harp sample.

Below, set the harp pluck time, longer or shorter intervals between plucks.

Far right are tuning tables and RESET, if needed!

Contact Mark Grey with questions: